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Antique Mirrors

Pair of Italian Murano Glass Mirrors

A stunning pair of late 20th century gilt brass and Murano glass rectangular mirrors, of fantastic quality and designed to hang both portrait and landscape.


Pair of 19th century French Gilded Mirrors

An elegant pair of 19th century French mirrors of good proportions and simple lines that will work well in most settings.


Good Pair of 19th Century Rococo Giltwood Mirrors

A good and decorative pair of 'High Rococo' giltwood mirrors with shaped plates, probably Continental, 19th century, with later plates.


Collection of 12 Porthole English Convex Mirrors

A collection of 12 English Porthole convex mirrors of different sizes. Circa 1930s Measurements : 39cm Diameter (largest) x 27cm Diameter (smallest)


19th cent French Gilded Mirror

A simple, yet, very elegant early 19th century French gilded mirror with later distressed plate, that can be hung either portrait or landscape.


An Irish 18th Century Style Oval Mirror

A modern cut-glass and lead-framed oval mirror with antiqued mirror plate in the early 19th century Irish style. These can be custom-made to your size requirements and available as pairs


A Good Set of Six Porthole Mirrors, 1940s

A large and decorative set of six brass pothole mirrors, English, 1940s, with convex mirror plates.


Wonderful 19th century French Gilded Mirror

A good quality and of imposing proportions, 19th century French gilded mirror with its original mercury glass plate. Circa 1860


Louis XVI French Gilded Mirror ( 19th cent )

A very charming, early 19th century French gilded mirror in the Louis XVI taste, of elegant proportions. Circa 1820. Losses as per pictures.


A French Architectural Pine Mirror

A large architectural pine overmantel mirror, French and originally part of a suite of boiserie panels, with its original mercury plate


Large Octagonal Flocked Black Convex Mirror

A large Octagonal flocked convex mirror in black with silvergilt borders.


Massive 1950s Spanish Carved gilt-wood Sunburst Mirror

A wonderful, 1950s Spanish carved gilt-wood Sunburst mirror of large proportions, that will make a statement in most settings.


1950s Spanish Gilded Mirror in the English Taste

A very elegant, circa 1950s Spanish mirror in the English taste with the Prince of Wales feathers crest, retaining the original paint and gilding. Spain Circa 1950s

Price On Application

18th cent Italian Gilded Mirror

A very elegant, 18th century Italian gilded mirror, retaining the original gilding and with a later mirror plate. Italy


Large, mid 19th century Napoleon III Mirror

A fine quality mid 19th century French Napoleon III mirror, retaining its original mercury glass plate, of large proportions, that can be hung either portrait or landscape. France


Large 19th cent Napoleon III Mirror

A wonderful and very large Napoleon III mirror, retaining its original mercury glass plate and distressed decoration. France 19th century


Circa 1940s Italian Eglomise Mirror

An stylish 1940s Italian eglomise mirror with fine scroll detail.


Unusual shape 1960s English gilded Mirror

A good quality and with an unusual shape, circa 1960s English gilded mirror, with its original plate. Please not that the starburst mirror above is not part of it.


Mid 19th Century Gold Gilt Brasserie Mirror

A good quality mid 19th century gold gilt brasserie mirror, retaining the original mirror plate. Circa 1860.


Good Pair of 18th Century Italian Mirrors

A good quality pair of 18th century Italian gilded mirrors, retaining the original mirror plates. Small restorations.


18th Century French Gilt Wood Mirror

A fine quality 18th century French regency mirror in carved gilt wood.


Circa 1920s French Venetian Mirror

A wonderfully elegant early 20th century Venetian glass mirror, in perfect condition, that can hang either landscape or portrait. Circa 1920s.


Pair of Late 19th Century Zinc Mirrors

A pair of good size French Zinc windows , having been adapted as a mirrors, with a convex glass plate that will work eel indoors or in a garden. Two pairs available . Priced as a pair. France Circa 1890/1900


Mid 19th Century Swedish Mirror

A nice quality circa 1840/1860 Swedish empire mirror, with a decorative silk panel above the original mirrored glass.


Early 19th Century French Painted Mirror

A lovely quality circa 1820/1830 French painted mirror of elegant proportions, retaining the original mercury glass plate.


French Empire Style Mirror

A wonderful French empire style ebonised mirror with eagle and knight engraved detail.

Circa 1950.


1930s Bevelled Glass Venetian Mirror

A charming circa 1930s Venetian mirror, retaining the original bevelled glass plate, and with blue glass corners, that can hang either portrait or landscape. 


19th Century English Mirror

A useful sized carved wood oval mirror with pierced continual scrolling design and central top leaves. This silver leaf mirror has a lovely evenly worn patination, showing the slate grey, red and orange gilding clays underneath. The mirror has a good mercury plate and original backboards.


Outstanding 19th Century Country House Gilded Mirror

An outstanding, and of large proportions, 19th century country house mirror, with a continental carved and gilded wooden frame of great detail, together with an associated 19th century mirror plate, that will make a statement in any setting.


Outstanding Large 19th Cent Spanish Silver gilt Mirrors

A fine quality of 19th century Spanish Silver gilt carved wooden frames, with their original Coat of Arms , with a later distressed mirror plates, of great  proportions, that will make a statement in most settings.


A fabulous range of decorative and antique mirrors for wall hanging and also many of the floor standing variety! Browse our collection of antique mirrors including art deco mirrors, silver framed mirrors, antique silver large oval mirrors, large bevelled edge mirrors, Venetian mirrors, antique French mirrors, painted empire style mirrors, Spanish silver gilt mirrors, silver gilded mirror, English mirrors etc.